Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Kokoda is Go!

In April 2015 we are doing the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea.  We is Darryl Ormston, Damian Ormston, myself and Craig, but unfortunately had to pull out due to his current job situation.  The Ormo boys have a grandfather that actually fought on the track, which is very cool.  It is also the centennary of the Gallipolli commemorations and so it will be very good to be involved with Kokoda this year, over the Anzac period.

It has long been an ambition to do the Kokoda Trail/Track for many of us.  Most Australian's know of the decisive battles that were fought there in telling conditions by the Aussie Reserve forces before being relives by the AIF.

It is a 96km Trail from Port Morseby (the capital) to a bush town called Kokoda on the north side of the island over the Owen Stanley Range.

It is currently 7 weeks and 2 days before we go.  There is a lot to do.  Final payments have just been made.  

My fitness level is ok.  I am confident I could do the trek now, but it would probably be very very hard.  I want to get much stronger, and a little lighter.  I am currently 93kg, and while I would prefer to be 83kg, I would settle for a few kegs off before bullying off for the final chucka.  Most importantly though, I have to get the legs used to the terrain, and walking instead of the Hendry-shuffle.  Aldo carrying a pack.

The Oz Gov smart traveller site says PNG is pretty safe, I personally am more worried about the small planes and bush landing strips.

I have trained at Mt Coot-tha about 5 times so far over the last 2 months, and I admit my fitness preparation is starting a little late.  Its about 5000m of ascend over the whole 96km trip, which is a lot.  We start at 500m at Port Morseby and climb to the top of Mt Bellamy which is at ~2100m.  So even though we only gain 1600m, to do it we have to go up and down enough times on the way to total 5000m upwards.  This excellent site says a lot about kokoda, the history, and the topography.

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